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Organization of corporate
learning, trainings and seminars

Marketing and sales

Telephone sales. Active sales. Direct sales. Retail sales. Sales of services. Work with objections. Negotiation. Customer-oriented approach.

Soft skills

Business writing skills. Communication skills. Presentation Skills. Time management and priorities. Problem solving and decision making. Assertive behavior. Work with information. Basic communication skills. Telephone communication. Oratorical skills. Influencing and counter manipulation. Conflict Management. Effective negotiations in crisis situations.

Personnel management

Personnel Development. Key management skills. Strategic HR. Meetings. Leadership for effective management. Management influence. Skills for Trading Team Management. Personnel Motivation and compensation. Corporate Communications. Conflict management in organizations. Mediation. Personnel management in crisis situations. How to negotiate with informal leaders. The risks of the employer, taking into consideration changes in the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Increasing the personnel loyalty and the stabilization of the personnel.


Emotional competence in business. Leadership and management skills of leader’s efficiency. Setting goals and achieving them. Conflict Management. Talent management. Project management.


Mandatory courses according to RK legislation Occupational health and safety (through the Ministry of Labour). Industrial Safety at the enterprise. Law of RK "About civil safety". Industrial safety requirements when using LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Industrial safety systems of distribution and consumption of natural gas. Requirements for design and safe operation of vessels, operating under pressure. Industrial safety requirements for design and safe operation of cranes. Industrial safety requirements for design and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers. Industrial safety requirements in the oil and gas industry. Fire-technical minimum and others…

Oil and Gas

Initial preparation of oil, gas and water for transportation. Oil and gas extraction. Development and exploitation of oil, gas and gas condensate fields. Maintenance management. Drilling of oil and gas wells. Chemical classification of oil. Neutralization of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur compounds. Design and operation of oil and gas facilities and others…

Uranium mining

Uranium mining geotechnology. Uranium Chemical technology: processing of productive solutions. New innovative technologies in the uranium mining industry. Exploitation, repairing and maintenance of vehicles and machinery in the production of uranium at an underground leaching. Modern means of instrumentation KIP&A. SCADA softwares and ensuring measurements uniformity and metrological support of production.

Laboratory researches

Physico-chemical methods of uranium analysis. Requirements for the safe use of chemicals: acids, alkali, salt, oxides. Scheme and map of sampling. Sampling technique. Analysis and verification of compliance regulations of outputs from workshops / sites. Spectral analysis: work with analysis devices. Requirements for the safe use of chemicals: acids, alkalis, salts, acids.